Sea Lion

Adapted to aquatic life (to the point that it even sleeps in the water), the Patagonia sea lion belongs to a family of mammals that manages to dominate the seas without thereby losing the ability to move on solid ground. They have a hydrodynamic shape and their extremities have become fins, a thick layer of fat helps them to regulate their temperature and an innate sense of balance allows them to do all manner of balancing acts.

It is a familiar and fairly fearless animal, and it is distinguished from seals in that it is has two true rear legs with which it can run (whereas seals have their legs fused, forming a kind of fin).

It can spend long periods in the sea although it mates and gives birth on land. At that time large reproductive colonies are formed and the males fight to win a territory; the one that wins protects the females that are in the space he has won and defends them ferociously.

The pups grow quickly and at two months they enter the sea.

Marine Animals

North America

Oceans and seas


Scientific Name

Otaria flavescens

Common Name

Patagonia sea lion


275 kg




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