Oahu zone
Type of attraction
 Waves, Rivers & Pools
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 150 cm
Maximum weight: 100 kg
All Year
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Dare you zip over our deepest pool?

This attraction will allow you to feel like an adventurer crossing a dangerous area of a rainforest in search of treasure or like a soldier in training. Draw your strength and see if it can hold all the way without letting go of the zip line that crosses the park’s lagoon. Watch out for the splash-landing if you fall into the water!

Compete with your companions to see who completes the route in less time, in a more complicated way, with a straighter body or in better style. Can you test your stamina by holding on with only one hand?

Many of the people who have experienced this attraction have passed the test with flying colours, but many others have not been as skilled, agile and strong, or have burst out laughing provoked by onlooking family and friends and ended up falling into the water.

When you get on the wooden platform, visualize yourself in action, wait for the lifeguard to give you the thumbs up, and get carried away by the momentum. The journey doesn’t last forever and, to enjoy more, you’ll have to repeat. Feel the wind and speed in your face as you fly over the pool! 

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