Adventure Turtle

Under-12s have this attraction to themselves. Located in the children’s area of the park, youngsters may try out becoming specialists in the art of throwing themselves down the water flumes thanks to this tailor-made Adventure Turtle.

From a small rocky mountain rises an animated flume with a slope that is appropriate for their age and a slight curve to add excitement to the arrival at the crystalline waters where they are going to finish.

This curious animal that children find so fascinating throws out through its nose a great jet of water, offering them the first sensations that run all over the skin when at a spa. The water that falls from the turtle can massage the children’s bodies, filling them with vitality and energy to slide down another of the winding flumes that come out the turtle’s shell as far as the big children’s lake.

Head first, backwards, sitting down, on their knees…In any position they adopt to throw themselves down the flumes, they will enjoy the experience of feeling the speed and the wind on their faces before taking a refreshing plunge.








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