Indiana lake is a place where you can be at your most adventurous and show your explorer side. In this group attraction you can test your strength, skill and balance and compete with your friends and family to complete its numerous activities in the shortest possible time and without falling into the water!

Try going along the monkey rings by grabbing onto them, using the strength of your arms and raising your feet to not touch the water. If you have managed to complete the whole course without getting wet, you have a second challenge: making your way back… You can also cross the lake by its hanging ropes or its nets.

To make this adventure more exciting, dare to slide down the zip-line, which is more than 20 metres long. This trip on the waters of this varied and interactive facility will make you feel like an intrepid Indiana Jones in search of undiscovered treasure.

Lovers of this exercise can also shoot some baskets from the water or swim in its refreshing water, but those who prefer peace and quiet have the option of relaxing under this irregularly-shaped pool’s jets of water or sunbathing on their float.

Only available in July & August






Max: 100kg


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