Oahu zone
Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 120 cm
Maximum weight: T1 y T3 110 / T2 90
All Year
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The Hurricane will blow you away!

This installation consists of closed hydrotubes that take you up to top speed in the blink of an eye. It’s a fast-paced attraction in which the exit, located over ten metres above the water, is designed for those who love the thrill of the free-fall.

The Hurricane will blow you away! Feel how all the adrenaline is discharged in an overwhelming ride, without a float, which intensifies the sensations of this tube, among the park’s most thrilling attractions. Hurricane is suitable for adults and children over 1.20 metres.

This time, you won’t have the support of a family member or friend, but it is time to trust yourself. Take your courage and glide along these slides at over 40 kilometres per hour in a few seconds or take their curves at high speed to finally reach the water for the outcome: the splash-landing.

About a thousand people wrap themselves every hour in the madness of this Hurricane, which is one of the most striking attractions in Aquopolis. Once you have tried it you will want to repeat it again and again!  

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