Accessibility guide for our visitors with disabilities

On this page you will find information useful to make your visit to Aquopolis Costa Daurada a safe and fun experience.

We recommend that people with disabilities enter accompanied by a trusted person to help them when necessary. They will also have the help of our park staff, whose main commitment is to ensure that all visitors enjoy the visit.


In Costa Daurada you will find these services:

  • Car park
  • Medical care
  • Toilets, changing rooms and showers
  • Amphibious chair (Free)
  • Other services:
    • Shops
      • Restaurants
      • Free life jacket
      • Sun loungers 
      • VIP Zones

The rules of attractions

In Aquopolis Costa Daurada there are two indicatorsfor each attraction: the degree of intensity of the attraction and the mandatory conditions that the person must meet in order to participate.

There are 3 general rules of usefor all attractions:

  • Maintain the mandatory safety position.
  • Be within the HEIGHT or WEIGHT measures.
  • Fulfill the directions of the lifeguards.

What type of attractions are in Aquopolis Costa Daurada? There are several types of attractions for all ages:

  • Slides
  • Wave Pool
  • Lakes
  • The Slow River
  • Children's Area

For more information about our visitors with disabilities, you can download the full guide.