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Take home a memory of this fantastic day.

Did you leave your sunscreen at home? Did you forget to bring a towel? Don't worry, you can find all this and more in our Aloha Shop. This store has everything you need for spending a day at the water park: towels, swimming trunks, sunscreen... If you also don’t want to forget the magnificent day you spent in Aquopolis, you have the opportunity to purchase a souvenir or take a gift for that friend or family member who wasn’t able to come. 

Kids will also appreciate having their own float or being able to wear Aquopolis clothes and prove to their friends that they had a cool summer day that they will never forget. They can also take home toys and other souvenirs to remind them of their awesome day out.

Don’t forget to visit us, whether you need a little something to make the most of your experience, or you just want to have a souvenir for a friend, family member or your children. You can find our shop in the centre of the park, next to the entrance. Don't miss it and take a piece of Costa Daurada Aquopolis home with you!


Get the best souvenir of your stay at Aloha Shop!

Take a piece of Aquopolis Costa Daurada with you! In our souvenir and gift shop you can find all kinds of gifts for your family and friends, as well as mementos to remember your visit. We also offer you products that can be useful in the park, such as towels, swimming costumes and sunscreen.

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