Mini Park

Waikiki zone
Type of attraction
 Waves, Rivers & Pools
Kids and families
Access limitations
Minimum height: N/A
Maximum height: 140 cm
All Year
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What better playground than one inside the water!

Kids are the stars of Aquopolis, so we have exclusive areas for them. For children under ten to enjoy the experience of spending a day in a water park and get to know the sensations that are experienced with the adventure of playing in the water, the children’s area has a varied selection of suitable attractions designed with them in mind.

In a water area with a maximum depth of 60cm and the presence of highly qualified lifeguards working throughout the water park, children can be the kings and queens of a refreshing water castle installed in the colourful interactive playground where time will pass without realizing it.

For this, they have waterfalls, showers and jets of water like in a spa; an oscillating bucket for soaking, water guns with which to shoot friends or parents, walkways to move around the castle and slides to splash into the water with the same thrills as grown-ups enjoy at Aquopolis’ other installations. To cope with the heat, what better place to play than in the water!

Mini Park, with an extension of 300 m2, is installed in the centre of the Children’s Lake, also called Lake Orinoco.  

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