Glide on the water like you're on a speedboat.
Malokai zone
Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 140 cm
Maximum height: 190 cm
Maximum weight: 90kg
All Year
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Glide on the water like you're on a speedboat

The name of this attraction perfectly defines the sound you’ll make at the end. Start from a great height and slide down a dizzying slope on the board we’ve designed for this attraction, gripping onto the handles with both hands, and compete with one of your companions to see who gets there first.

If you’ve decided to experience the adrenaline of Splash and have a run with a friend or family member, there’s no point in cheating and going out early. Enjoy the incredible views from the starting grid until the lifeguard starts your exciting race that will be won by whoever reaches the finish line first.

These innovatively designed slides and boards allow you to reach high speeds and cross the pond located at the finish line (30 metres away) without having to dive into it. With the boost that will make you win the competition, you can glide on the water as if you were in a motorboat.

Surf over this huge pool after you've put all your effort into being the fastest to glide through Splash. In addition to getting the honour of being the champion, you’ll have earned a well-deserved break after the excitement of the competition. Congratulations! 

The Splash attraction is located next to the Boomerang and is one of the most popular in the park.

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