Maui zone

This is the busiest area in the park as it is right in the middle.

Here you can enjoy a large pool called Maui Lagoon, perfect for swimming at your leisure, soaking under its waterfalls, feeling some of its jets on your back or playing with your friends or family in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Maui Lagoon transports you to the most beautiful landscapes you've seen in the movies, making you feel like a mermaid.

Take a refreshing dip in this large pool with tropical airs, where the fun is all about sharing this relaxed moment with your companions. Play with your children or your friends on this huge expanse of water in a calmer way than in the other park facilities.

You can sit on its edge with your feet dangling in the water, float along on your back to feel the sun on your cheeks, swim lazily in its warm water, paddle waist-high while chatting with your family or friends, just like being in a spa or in the pool of a large hotel. It’s so big you can even do some proper swimming! 

If swimming pools are your thing, you won't want to get out! Set aside some time in your busy schedule by the park facilities to rest and think about your next adventure in Aquopolis, or reflect on the fun day you are having.

We also have our Maui Cafe, where you can find the best Burgers and Hot Dogs on the entire Costa Daurada, as well as a wide assortment of snacks (nuggets, nachos with cheese, Mozzarella sticks and onion rings). If you try it once, you’ll be back for more!

In addition, we have our flagship restaurant, the Hawaii, where you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes made in the moment by our team of chefs. We have pizzas, combination dishes, paellas, fideuas, hot dogs etc... and we don’t just have food, we also have our bar so you can order your favourite ice-cold drinks, such as iced coffee, soft drinks, beer, sangría etc.

And to make your visit more complete, we have our Maui VIP Zone for your enjoyment. Ideal for families or groups of friends who want to enjoy their day with a quiet, private space that has four sun loungers, a table with chairs, shaded area and a safe deposit box. 

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