Surf Waimea

Are you such a lover of surfing that would never get off the board or would you like to learn this sport without running any risks? Now you have the chance to catch an infinite wave and surf endlessly in this attraction, which combines various sliding sports, inertia and balance, such as surfing, snowboarding and longboarding, a form of skateboarding in which a longer board is used.

Surf Waimea allows you to bodyboard on a foam board until you are tired or you become an expert, but if you fall during the attempt, never fear, this facility is manufactured in a shape and with the perfect materials to prevent you from hurting yourself. Feel how the water splashes on your body and the rolling of the wave under your feet while you get fit.

If you are already an expert in this type of water sports, you can enjoy yourself or exercise with a fibreboard to take curves in the unending wave itself and enjoy yourself without limits on each turn. You now have the chance to be a freshwater surfer and imitate the most experienced practitioners of this sport that ride the waves, for example in Hawaii. Aloha!*


The price for this activity is 8€ ( 45 minutes)

High Intensity



Min: 1.07cm




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