Magic Oval

A unique attraction in Spain for the whole family. Up to four people can get on a float and go down its 45-metre length. Therefore, unless you belong to a very large family, you can probably all get on together, intertwine your legs and hands to make this fun journey together.

Mount a great float beside your family or friends and throw yourself, fearless, down this long, snaking and striking oval tube, allowing yourself to be carried by the water that falls down it and which will move throughout the length and breadth of oyour journey, making exciting turns, taking unexpected curves or descending down fun slopes.

After going through the majestic entrance to Magic Oval, grab hold of the float or the hand of the nearest family member of companion’s in the special vessel designed for this attraction. The objective of this trip is, as its name indicates, to feel the magic of sliding rapidly with your companions.

The laughs this attraction provokes will be shared by everybody and the whole family will be able to remember them together after reaching the enormous pool that will receive you with its warm waters.




Min: 105cm


Max: 275kg


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