The name of this attraction perfectly defines the sound you will make when you reach the end, but how does this adventure begin? It begins at great height and with a steep slope awaiting you so that you slide down it on the board designed for this facility, with two handles to grip and on which you can compete with one of your companions to see who gets there first.

If you have decided to let yourself be carried away by the Splash flume and to have a race with a friend or family member, you can’t cheat and start before the gun. Enjoy the incredible views to be had from the starting grid until the lifeguard signals the start of this exciting race that will be won by the first person to touch the water.

Nevertheless, these modern flumes and their specialist boards, which allow you to reach great speeds, make it possible to cross the pond located at the finishing line (30 metres away) without needing to dive into it. With the drive with which you will hold aloft the trophy awarded to the competition winner, you may glide on the water as if you were on a motorboat.

Surf on this enormous pool after putting all your effort into being the quickest in sliding down Splash. As well as achieving the honour of being the champion, you have earned a well-deserved rest after the excitement of the competition. Congratulations!

To install this attraction, it was necessary to build a reception that is more than 35 metres long, which is designed for the boards to glide on the surface of the water.
Splash is located next to Boomerang and is one of the most-used and most successful attractions in the park.

*Temporaly out of order

High Intensity



Max: 190cm
Min: 140cm


Max: 90kg


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