All Inclusive Aquopolis Costa Dorada

On arrival at park, make your way to our ticket booths. There they will activate your all inclusive band and they will give you information on how it can be used.

You can use in all places which have the sign ALL INCLUSIVE displayed . This is subject to availability depending on opening times and park hours .

1 Waikiki Burger : Hot Dog Normal or HB (Big Burger or Chicken + Small Potatoes + Normal Drink
2 Heladeria Waikiki : Snack 45 Gr + Normal Drink or Slush Glass or Coffee
3 Autoservicio Hawaii : Menu (First + Second + Normal Drink + Bread) * Supplements applied to products are paid separately
or Snack 45 Gr or Mini Sandy or Sweet (Boogie / Muffin) + Normal Drink or Coffee

4 Aloha Beach Creperia: Snack 45 Gr or Mini Sandy or Sweet (Boogie / Muffin) + Normal Drink or Coffee

5 Maui : Normal Hot Dog or HB (Big Burger or Chicken)+ Small Potatoes + Normal Drink or Snack 45 Gr + Normal Drink or Coffee

6 La Trattoria:  Normal Hot Dog or Pizella + Snack 45 Gr + Normal Drink
7 Quisko Vip : Slush Glass or Smoothie or Milkshake

*If, for any reason, we cannot offer any of our dishes on the menu, a similar alternative will be offered.
*The advantages of the all inclusive wristband are available till one hour before the park closes .
*Depending on the time of year, not all selling points will be open. Find out about our open facilities before buying your pass.

Terms of use:
There is a maximum of a consumption for person every hour. (This applies to our restaurant menus.)
It is not allowed to transfer food or drinks to other persons and if it is identified your band will be confiscated .
The band is personal and non transferrable . if you lose or damage your band , it will not be replaced .
Restaurants are subject to availability. The band is only valid on the day of your visit. It is not valid in conjunction with other promotions.

Buy your All Inclusive wristband online from 25€.




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