Hawaii Restaurant Self Service

In our Hawaii Restaurant you can offer a variety and quality of products according to your needs. Here you can see, with your own eyes, how our “Pizzeros” makes up to different varieties of pizzas, mixing quality products, cheeses or first-class sausages, all baked on the stone, giving it that crunchy touch that you will never forget.

In addition to this delight for the palate, you will see how we cook several types of Pasta at the moment, serving them with different types of sauces.

If you fancy a good Paella or Fideua with top quality ingredients, you just have to ask us, we will surprise you.

We also have a wide assortment of dishes with all kinds of garnishes, giving them a final finish to “lick your fingers.” We also have international products for you to try new flavors.

Remember, we also have menus at a very competitive price for both you and your family and a terrace with capacity for more than 500 people, where you can feel super comfortable. You will not pass through here without being surprised.

Ask about our allergen-free dishes.






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