Tortuga Aventura

Waikiki zone
Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
Kids and families
Access limitations
Minimum height: N/A
Maximum height: 140 cm
All Year
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A large turtle that proudly stands atop the mountain of the children's area

Children under 12 have this attraction exclusively for them. Located in the children’s area of the park, kids can rehearse until they become specialists in the art of throwing themselves on the water slides thanks to this made to measure Turtle Adventure.

A lively slide with a gentle slope comes out of a small rocky mountain. It’s slight curve makes it more exciting to reach the crystal clear waters where it will stop. It also has a straight slide, lagoons and - the star of the show - a large turtle that dominates the mountain of the children's area.

This curious animal that attracts the attention of children shoots a great jet of water from its nose, offering them the first sensations that run across the skin when going to a spa. The water that falls from the turtle can massage the bodies of the little ones, filling them with vitality and energy to slide back down one of the winding slides that come out from the turtle shell to the great children's lake.

Head, back, sitting, lying, kneeling... In whatever position they throw themselves down the slides they will enjoy the experience of feeling the speed and wind in their cheeks before taking a refreshing dip. 

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