Oahu zone

This area is made for those fearless and adventurous people.

The Oahu Zone features Lake Indiana, a place to bring out your more adventurous side and become a true explorer. In this collective attraction you can test your strength, skill and balance and compete with your friends and family to complete the numerous activities in the shortest possible time and without falling into the water! Try to get through the strip of rings by gripping onto them with your hands, using the force of your arms and raising your feet so you don't touch the water. If you have managed to complete the whole route without getting wet, you have a second challenge: to make your way back... You can also cross the lake through its hanging ropes or nets.

To give more excitement to this lively adventure, dare to slide for over 20 metres along our zip line. This trip over the waters of this varied and interactive installation will make you feel like a fearless Indiana Jones in search of some lost treasure.

You’ll also find our famous Hurricane in this area of the park. This installation consists of closed hydro tubes where you will reach top speeds in the blink of an eye! It’s a fast-paced attraction in which the exit, located over ten metres above the water, is designed for those who love the thrill of the free-fall.

The Hurricane will blow you away! You’ll notice how all the adrenaline rushes out with this breathtaking trip, ranked among the most thrilling in the park. Hurricane has no float, which intensifies the sensations of the tube.

Nearby you can enjoy a large grassy area where you can picnic, lie down to rest or play cards with friends.

Come and enjoy this magnificent area. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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