Volcano zone

Volcano Zone is the area of the park with the most attractions. Climb to the top of our volcano and get ready to fire off with the most fun and exciting slides in the park. Choose from a multitude of attractions for all tastes.

You’ll find slides with floats like Black Hole, where you’ll go into the blackest darkness... you’ll also enjoy Vulcan River, a route that simulates a river in the middle of nature... and Magic Oval, a fantasy slide with a capacity of up to 4 people per float, where you’ll descend through a closed tube fully illuminated by translucent bands.

In our Volcano Zone, we also have slides without a float, such as Speed Race, perfect to compete with your friends to see who gets to the finish line first. We also have our Kamikaze, a set of two stunning slides with which you can reach speeds of up to 50km/h, a must for adrenaline fans! Finally, ZigZag: these three slides are also known as Los Guadiana, as they appear and disappear from the mountain as if it were the famous Andalusian River.

If strong thrills and spills are not your thing, you can also climb to the highest point of our volcano, where you will enjoy a privileged view of the entire park, as well as being able to contemplate the entire coast of La Pineda. In addition, you can watch visitors glide along the Vulcan River.

This area is perfect to enjoy with your family, friends or partner. Come have a great time in our Volcano Zone!

Spend the most awesome moments together with your loved ones in this fantastic area, sliding through all the attractions and choosing with your companions the next attraction to ride to. Which do you think will be your favourite?

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