Funny Jungle

Waikiki zone
Type of attraction
 Waves, Rivers & Pools
Kids and families
Access limitations
Minimum height: N/A
Maximum height: 130 cm
All Year
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This space is ideal for families to enjoy with their little ones

Aquopolis has this area designed for the little ones in the family, to unleash their energy, test their agility, use their skills and even develop their imagination. It is decorated with fun attractions, colourful dolls and slides to delight them.

Children who enter this area will have the opportunity to play on a dragon. They will walk along his craggy back and run around his head, which, instead of spitting fire from his mouth, squirts water. They can also swim through his body, which winds in and out of the pool.

In addition, they will enter an island of reeds among monkeys, parrots and water jets and throw themselves down a crocodile-shaped slide that shoots water. They can play with buckets of water hanging from reeds like rainwater collected by coconuts in a tropical forest, or explore through a zebra-striped cylinder.

This space is ideal for families to have fun with their little ones. The attractions are custom designed for them to discover their skills and abilities. Have fun with them in an ideal setting!   

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