Waikiki zone

This is without doubt our classic Children's Zone.

Kids will have a great time enjoying all the activities on offer here.

Funny Jungle is the place for kids to unleash their energy, test their agility, make use of their skills and even develop their imagination. Aquopolis has this area designed for kids and decorated with fun attractions, colourful dolls and custom-made slides. Children who enter this children’s zone can walk on the bumpy back of an amazing dragon, run around the head of this fabled animal that launches water jets instead of fire from its mouth, and swim between the different parts of its body as they enter and exit the pool.

This space is ideal for families with kids to enjoy attractions that meet their tastes, custom designed to demonstrate their skills and abilities. If you want to see your child smiling from ear to ear, let them take the plunge here! 

At Mini Park, located in a water area with a maximum depth of 60 centimetres and the presence of highly qualified lifeguards working throughout the water park, children can be the kings of a refreshing water castle installed in the colourful interactive playground where time will pass without them realizing it.

For this, they have waterfalls, showers and jets of water like in a spa; an oscillating bucket for soaking, water guns with which to shoot friends or parents, walkways to move around the castle and slides to splash into the water with the same thrills as grown-ups enjoy at Aquopolis’ other installations. To cope with the heat, what better place to play than in the water!

Treasure Island, where kids have double the fun: the adventure of climbing to the top of Treasure Island and the experience of descending to reach the refreshing children’s lake, dubbed Orinoco. In this interactive area, kids will have a whale of a time without danger and with all their entertainment needs covered.

And finally, our most precious area for children, Turtle Adventure, where a lively slide rises up from a small rocky mountain, with a gentle slope and a slight curve leading down to the crystal clear waters where it will stop. It also has a straight slide, lagoons and - the star of the show - a large turtle that dominates the mountain of the children's area. 

And of course, we also have an excellent fast food outlet, the Waikiki Burger. It’s the ideal place to take a breather and eat quietly in the shade while not losing sight of your children, as this restaurant is located right in front of the children's area.

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