Funny Jungle

To unleash their energy, test their agility, make use of their skill and even develop their imagination, Aquópolis has an area designed for children and decorated with fun attractions, colourful dolls and flumes that are tailor-made for them.

The children who enter this children’s area can walk on the depressions on the back of a striking dragon, run round this fabulous animal’s head which, rather than spitting fire through its mouth throws jets of water, or swim among the various parts of its body than enter and exit the swimming pool.

Entering an islet of reeds among monkeys and parrots to allow your body to be massaged by fine jets of water, throwing yourself down a flume in the shape of a crocodile that shoots water, playing with buckets of water hanging from a reed as if it were rainwater gathered by coconuts in a tropical forest or crossing a cylinder that looks like a zebra, are some of the other fun games that will make your children not want to leave the water.

This space is ideal for families to enjoy with their children attractions that satisfy their tastes, designed specially for them and devised to demonstrate their abilities and skills. If you want to see your child not stop smiling, soak yourself with their games.




Max: 110cm
Min: 50cm


Max: 40kg


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